Baylis Emerging Markets invests in Legendary Foods, Africa's Largest Vertical Palm Larvae Farm, to Support its Growth

New York, Dec 5, 2022 -

Baylis Emerging Markets ("Baylis" or "the Firm"), a leading African markets private equity firm, is pleased to announce that it has completed a growth equity investment in Legendary Foods Africa ("Legendary Foods"). The investment is part of the Firm's broader strategy to enhance domestic production capacity on the continent through the support of local manufacturing and agricultural processing. Partnering with Legendary Foods is also in line with the Firm's commitment to gender lens investing.

Legendary Foods has developed a unique sustainable farming system that delivers a resource-efficient and accessible form of protein -palm larvae - with technology and farming systems proudly built in Ghana. Legendary Foods's vertical farm system avoids the deforestation practices traditionally used in palm larvae harvesting, while ensuring the highest quality larvae. Palm larvae, traditionally widely consumed across West and Central Africa, are a highly nutritional source of protein, good fats, and many essential vitamins.

Commenting on the transaction, Ms. Shobhita Soor, founder and CEO of Legendary Foods, said: "We have built the technology to farm a novel, yet ancient livestock source that is highly scalable and delivers a densely nutritious protein source that can be adapted to a variety of products. Our next step is to industrialize our production and processing capabilities. We are thrilled to be joined by Baylis who have extensive experience supporting the development of companies within the manufacturing and agri-processing sector in the region."

Protein-rich foods like chicken and beef have a lack of shelf-stability and this makes them difficult and expensive to access. This means that many people, particularly in rural areas, are lacking sufficient sources of nutrients like protein, iron, zinc and B vitamins, all which larvae can provide in a shelf-stable format.

"Legendary Foods has developed a farming system that delivers unrivaled impact in the region," said, Franklin Amoo, Partner at Baylis. "We are extremely excited to partner with Shobhita, an exemplary woman entrepreneur and experienced manager. We are enthused to support the team at Legendary Foods as they continue to build operational efficiencies and increase the mechanization of the process, drive down unit economics, and build up scale " all while delivering immense value and impact."

This investment provides growth capital needed to accelerate Legendary Foods' expansion plans, which include enhanced data-collection and production capacity, and the extension of the product line and distribution channels. Baylis also intends to leverage its extensive local networks across industry to help Legendary Foods integrate itself into regional distribution and supply chains.


Founded in 2015, Baylis Emerging Markets LLC is a private equity firm that invests in growth companies across African markets, with a focus on the telecommunications, digital infrastructure, manufacturing and industrials sectors. Baylis diverse team holds extensive expertise in frontier markets, deep experience operating in African markets, and a proven track record of value creation through ESG initiatives. The firm's investment platform is characterized by a rigorous analytic approach, best-in-class investment diligence, and robust compliance safeguards.

Baylis long-term objective is to enable the efficient financing of Africa's industrialization via the deployment of global capital into African markets. The firm's maiden fund, the African Industrial & Telecommunications Growth Fund ("AITGF"), targets high-performing assets within the manufacturing, light Industrials, telecommunications and digital infrastructure sectors across Africa. In addition to targeting the job creating sectors critical to Africa's integration into global supply chains, Baylis creates impact by applying gender and climate lenses to its investments which also strongly promote digital and financial inclusion, skills transfer and gender equity. Baylis currently has offices in New York City and Lagos, Nigeria.